Hi friends,
I have just posted four new songs on ReverbNation for you all to have a listen to. They are four of my favourite sings
One is from an album called “Full of The Moon” the song is called “Is That Jazz” and it is a favourite of mine from Tony King, Sydney songwriter and collaborator in all things musical.
” Is That Jazz ” was also recorded by the legendary Australian chanteuse Kerrie Biddell and has been a featured work to study for Jazz Vocal students at The Sydney Conservatorium of Music.
Tony plays all instruments except for saxophone which features Craig Walters.
“It’s A Crime ” from Beautifully Mad Album features David Gardner on saxophone, with Bill Risby on piano, Hamish Stuart on drums and Gary Holgate on double Bass. I made a film clip to capture the essence of this wonderful lament for lost time…you can see the clip by clicking this gorgeous image of Paris by night… if you want to read Nina Time Voyager Carte Postales go to www.ninavox.com and click on NTV
The other two tunes are , “I Miss Your Gumbo ” and “As Cool as it Gets”  from the SPIN album by Beautifully Mad, featuring Tony on guitar and Bass guitar, Hamish Stuart on drums, Bill Risby on piano, Craig Walters on saxophone and guest vocals by Rob Maxwell-Jones. Click on the images to take you to iTunes 🙂
Cheers Nina x
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Hi Friends,  For most of 2012 I was working with Tony King in Beautifully Mad, making music and singing his fabulous songs.
Great song lyrics are a singer’s aphrodisiac! They are my passion.
If you have my album you’ll know what I mean.
The original songs “The Shape of You”  and “So Sue Me” are just two examples of Tony’s brilliance.
So… the result of this collaboration is a new album entitled SPIN and it is available on itunes or you can order it in three dimensional form from www.beautifullymad.com

I am particularly excited by this album as the new Nina songs from it are great fun to perform and suit my bent.
” I Miss Your Gumbo ” and “Nostalgia Ain’t What It Used To Be” are two of my favs.

“I Wish I’d Lived When Django Did” is also on SPIN which has been a favourite of mine and popular at gigs.
” Eye For An Eye” is an exceptional song and a challenge to perform as it has such a powerful message.

“She Kept on Swimming” was a writing collaboration with Tony and I and has a special meaning for us, since we have been made aware of the turtle’s life cycle, and how we can make small changes to help these magnificent creatures of the sea.

There are 13 tracks on the album and I have only discussed the songs I sing!
Tony’s songs are sublime. The performances by the band on the album are FANTASTIC !!!!

Hamish Stuart on drums, Bill Risby on piano and piano accordion, George Washingmachine on violin, Craig Walters on saxophone and guest vocals by Robert Maxwell Jones. Truly Sydney’s creme de la creme.

Latest work by Beautifully Mad and Nina Vox

Latest work by Beautifully Mad and Nina Vox

We will have an official album launch in March 2013.. where? TBA .. I’ll keep you posted
Cheers Nina

“She Kept On Swimming” is a song about the life cycle of a turtle and has a strong environmental message.
It won “BEST SONG”, in the Acoustic Category,
at the 2011 Australian Songwriter’s Association Awards.

I have been living on Heron Island in the Great barrier Reef witnessing first hand the life cycle of the Green Sea & Loggerhead turtles. One of the real threats to their existence is the plastic bag. We can change that.. so I co-wrote this song with Tony King to highlight the problem that we are causing to these extraordinary sea creatures.

The song is now available on itunes on Beautifully Mad’s latest album SPIN.

Latest work by Beautifully Mad and Nina Vox

Latest work by Beautifully Mad and Nina Vox

Original painting by Nina Vox

Beautifully Mad’s composition, “It’s A Crime” by Tony King, explores the idea of everyone’s wish for more time.

The players on this song are Bill Risby piano and melodica, Hamish Stuart on drums, Gary Holgate on double bass and David Gardner on tenor saxophone.
Recorded at Trackdown Scoring Stage (TSS) @ Fox Studios Sydney.
Simon Leadley was the sound engineer . If you would like to hear more of the Beautifully Mad album go to


I recently filmed a journey on the way home from a gig in Sydney. It was raining and there were hardly any cars on the road. The reflections were amazing on what is normally a very lack luster tar.
I held my phone as steady as was possible. It lasted for five minutes before we had to stop at a red light.
I uploaded it to iMovie and started having fun reversing the film and playing with contrast and colour adjustment etc and added this great song then assembled some vision and images of Paris  (credit all I could find) and here is the result.

The fabulous Tony King has won 5th place at the Australian Songwriter’s Association Awards for “I Wish I’d Lived When Django Did” …How proud am I! Cause for Celebration all round!
Cheers Nina

February saw a few surprise performances. At Kantara House, after introducing myself to Lulo Reinhardt , he asked to hear “I Wish I’d Lived When Django Did” … he then asked Tony which guitar he’d like to play… and there you have it! What a great musical confluence, the Great nephew of Django playing a song written about his great Uncle .. it felt a little special!

Then @ The Basement on the 23rd February , I performed “I Wish I’d Lived When Django Did” with The Beautifully Mad Band and George Washingmachine ( who plays on the track).

You can buy the single http://itunes.apple.com/au/album/i-wish-id-lived-when-django/id330993557

wave pony

I hope my pony knows the way back home



Nina Sails Away -“I Hope My Pony Knows the Way Home”
It’s never too late to meet my Father again, even if he died when I was three…

The story so far…
After my Surreal experience in the sanctuary of a somewhat bohemian venetian garden, I wound my way to a grande canal in search of my wave pony express.
In Norway they called sailing ships “Wave Ponies” …

The port was crawling with uniformed acqua polizi so I decided to walk with intent to escape their suspicious eyes..somehow it worked!
I board a Wave Pony, as a Stowaway … my life is now in the hands of Draugen (mythical ghost of the sea).
Sailing was never easy for a land locked Moravian… after hours of overwhelming greenish-ness I finally close my eyes, rocked to sleep by the wavy rhythms of the ocean…

…It’s night , I hear music wafting from the second deck. The band is swinging, the ship is tossing and I’m in a brave mood.
This music was strangely familiar and yet like nothing I had ever heard before.
I recognize the singer’s accent..he sounds Czech!

The drummer spies me crouched under the table…He ushers to me with his very large hands. He must be 20 stone (or 127 kilos) with big brown eyes and an Elvis slick.
“What are you doing? “
“ I’ve come to see you and hear you play.”
“ How did you get here?”
“I had to climb on board while no-one was watching”
“ that last song? …It reminded me of a tune from my childhood.Would you play it again please?”
As the song emerges from this fun-loving band, so do the recessed memories of my childhood… he holds my hand I am crying he comforts me by singing  a childish song about porridge …he calls Kaliku…
“That’s it.. it’s Kaliku …Kaliku!” He stares at me strangely then asks…
“ Do you know the singers, Peggy Lee? Diana Washington? Nina Simone? “
“ Where I come from there were only waltzes, war songs and songs about porridge.”
“Do you want to sing in a Band?”
“Do I? ‘Deed I do!” I don’t know the songs you play!”
“Hey I’ll teach them to you “ …
My heart skipped a beat.. I felt as if I’d known this big man all my life! … and there began a friendship made in Valhalla…

I spent the rest of my sea voyage tucked up in that Drummer’s cabin swinging away with his favourite Jazz Divas and voila I had myself a musical repertoire.
My Wave Pony’s destination? I’m about to find out..
I just Hope My Wave Pony Knows The Way Home ……Nina x
nina vox © 2010